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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 7, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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time for fresh viral videos "right this minute." a crowd cheers is rescued by police. >> that baby was kidnapped. >> see the chilling moment she was taken and the joyous scene when she's back in her daddy's arms. climbers make a brutal assent in the himalayas. >> in pursuit of a world record. >> the way they're going to get down. a guy desides to put a ferrari engine inside a toyota. the moment the franken car gets
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altar. >> is anyone going to hoo la hoop. >> she what happens that leaves wedding guests stunned. >> from is a very happy ending to what was a very chilling start to this story. in colombia, this police officer is holding a newborn baby girl surrounded by cheering people. he her father. at the hospital, that baby was kidnapped. >> from the hospital? >> from the hospital. she was born at by the woman who had befriended the mother and grandmother of this baby at the hospital, claiming she had a relative in the hospital. and when she saw an opportunity, took the baby, ran out. but fortunately, this is the moment that the girl is reunited with her dad, who is visibly emotional and shaken. in the video, we also see the
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with her daughter while she's still under the effects of medication to sedate her because she was traumatized by the whole kidnapping incident. >> as soon as the mom found out what happened, they notified the hospital staff who released this video here that shows the woman with the child in a bag, walking out of the hospital. now, authorities got involved, and they decided to use social media to help in this case. so they put the video out, and also started calling people in the community. it turns out they were able had driven who he thought was this woman. that along with other tips is how they were able to show up to this woman's residence. here's the thing. this woman, on her facebook page, had shared several photos introducing her baby daughter to the world, even named her maria angel. >> she had a party and everything. she wasn't trying to hide the fact at all. >> it's like a mental health issue. i would guess this woman has
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actually pregnant and lost that baby. >> there's video of that moment when they pick her up. you can see the sign in the background welcoming the daughter, and they walk with her out of the home. the woman that took the child has been arrested and is obviously going to be facing some serious charges. but the good thing is authorities acted quickly. the community came together, and they were able to safely find the daughter and reunite her with her parents. these guys are on a mission, a pretty serious mission actually. going up this mountain right here. this is a mountain on the chinese nepalese border in the himalayas. in fact, one of the tallest mountains in the world. you can see they're working their way up the side. it is a serious piece of work. this is in pursuit of a world record. a 51-year-old expert when it comes to jumping off things including planes, mountains,
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here to set the world record for the world's highest base jump. usually when people are base jumping, they're jumping off buildings a couple of hundred feet. this base jump will be 25,250 feet. 90 seconds of free fall. most commercial airlines -- >> that's kind of a bummer. he had to walk. >> he didn't have to walk. it was an they had to wait for the weather to clear so it was safe enough to reach the exit point. >> this is the first exit ever on this summit. >> he's breaking his own record. he's jumped off kill man jar ra, the matterhorn. he's even skydived into a volcano. this guy has got experience. here's one more. >> keep going. keep flying all the way down the mountain. then you don't have to hike
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on. >> these the world record holder. it's the kind of thing you expect when you have a video from. >> that's incredible. they say guys don't like ugly, and this is just ugly. here you see a woman exiting a snack shop. she walks out, gives the man his snacks and takes his money. you see him reach over and then his bike falls. he grabbed at her breast. >> oh! >> as he snatc >> the level that's disrespect that's on display there. >> she didn't even know that it happened. she turned around. he completely missed her. she saw it later on the footage and said she was going to warn other women in the area as is common in taiwan for attractive women who run these snack shops. police in d.c. are sharing this video because they want to catch this robber. you see him enter the store in a green hoodie.
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the counter, almost like he's looking for his money, then steps out of frame. that's when you see the clerk on the ground surrendering because this man walked around the counter and is demanding money. the angle changes and we see him walk through the door. >> they've got the windows. they've got the little mini pass-throughs. all that stuff only to leave the door unlocked? >> yep, the door was unlocked. the robber walks in. >> he's packing a gun. >> he's got a gun in his hand. he drops the clip. as runs at him. >> run at him again, come on. >> i was hoping the same. but as the robber puts the clip back in, he hits the ground. >> it's not your money. it's not even that much money. you're getting paid, what, minimum wage? just give the guy what he wants. >> he did just that, oli. you see the man holding his gun to his head. he's at the register. now he has him face down on the ground as he rummages through other drawers and cabinets behind the counter.
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everywhere. >> you can guy see this guy's stupid face as he's rummaging around. >> he gets away, but you've got several different angles of his face. hopefully this will bring him to justice. the famous ferrari engine and sound. no longer does it have to stay in a ferrari. why not take a ferrari engine and put it inside a toyota gt 86? >> what? >> yeah. it sounds so good. that's ryan, the famous drifter. he handles cars like a surgeon. >> it's a beautiful sound, but imagine being on the street and hearing that sound and looking over and going -- >> or coming up next to a ferrari -- >> this thing is going to be a tire destroyer. >> lots of impressive
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build, check out the channel. speaking of roasting tires, it's time to burn a couple here for a very good reason. emily and tyler are expecting a baby, and the gender is beneath tyler's beloved mustang. the tire starts to smoke. their buddy is flying a drone overhead. what's it going to be? it's a girl. once this smoke clears, here's the really cool part. the grandparents are there anybody. the smoke dissipates a little bit, and you see one of the exactly what she's going to be snuggling with. >> that's so cute. that girl will probably love mustangs. she'll be burning out in no time. she's a sensation on the climbing circuit and -- >> she's only 14 years old. >> what? >> the story behind one strong young lady bound for great heights. and waxing can be very painful. >> nick, i'm going to assume you probably never got your legs
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>> no. we'd need a lot of wax. >> watch leg waxing in super slow mo. >> look at the little bits of o skin and stuff just slinging
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if you're searching closed captioning provided by -- with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. like stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. black diamond. double black diamond. all these different classifications for different extreme sports. 9 a is one of the toughest climbing routes that you can achieve, and we're watching laura in italy pull this off. epic tv put together this little feature on laura and her epic
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gets progressively more difficult. it will start off around an 8a, and it gets tougher towards the end. >> she's like spider woman. >> this is cool too. this spot right here where she takes a rest, look at how she's kind of perched like a bird up on that little rock cropping there. >> i also want to point out she's lead climbing as well. at some point she's having to take her hand off and clip her own rope through. >> she's a championship lead climber and bouldering champion. she's only 14 years >> wow, but look at the muscles in her back. >> she started climbing when she was 7. she scored both those championships in italy in the same year. now, it's at this moment here where the route gets particularly difficult. she spins around. >> come on! >> she's not hanging from her foot right now. >> this girl is really good.
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italian ever to do a route this difficult, and the second youngest ever to complete a route like this. >> that makes her one of the best in the world at just 14 years old. ?? ?? >> beauty is pain. if you don't believe me, gather for the slow mo. here's a preview. nick, i'm going to assume you've
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>> no. we'd need a lot of wax. we're very hairy. >> they like to shoot stuff in super slow mo. at 28,000 frames per second, we'll be able to see, boink, every, boink, hair out of their legs. it first goes pretty well. you can see, though it's not quite close enough. >> look at the little bits of skin and stuff just flingin >> they decide to get a little bit closer. >> sadly, i don't have a macrolens, and this lens' minimum focus is about here. i want to be focusing here. >> there's a trick you can do. you just pull the lens off, flip it around, try and cover the hole as best you can, not let any light in. now my minimum focus is around here. >> which means you can get amazing shots like this one.
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just being ripped out of his leg time and time again. we get the incredible shots we come to expect from this channel. >> it looks, well, gross. >> and awesome. >> at the same time. it's an entertaining way to pastime in a hospital waiting room. >> do we know what she's watch something. >> her kids. >> that would be hilarious to put her on a roller coaster. >> look at the emotional roller coaster. plus a little boy sees a doctor about an earache. how taking a peek leads to a squirmy discovery. >> it's mormy discovery. >> it's moving! >> it's moving, oh. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific
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dandruff fighters with proteins and vitamins for fuller, thicker looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. the rtm videos app, it's the easiest way to watch the best videos. download it now. the line between reality and fantasy is becoming so thin, it's starting to crack. especially when you go experience virtual reality. this guy is checking it keep watching this juking video because in just a few seconds, things are going to be very real for him. >> wow. >> look at that. >> it's not real. >> it's really funny. every single time. now, virtual reality isn't just for the enjoyment of the people
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it's also -- >> no kidding. look. we really enjoyed that. >> also obviously for the people around, like the people in this waiting room at this hospital, their dad has just gone into surgery. this is how they're going to spend their waiting time. >> her kids thought it would be hilarious to put her on a roller coaster. [ laughter ] >> she is jumping in her chair, freaking out, leaning from one side to the other, taking her legs up as everyone around her
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>> never mind the fact they're in a hospital waiting room where other people may be getting some bad news. >> yeah, but this is the best medicine, laughter, right? >> especially because their dad is getting a liver and kidney transplant, and he's been waiting for months. the thing is he's lost his job because of this. so the family has set up a gofundme page. so if you want to check that out and help the family out, head on over to you can check it out on our mobile app. doctors in turkey were baffled by the case of 7-year-old nanette. he had an earache for days. one doctor had to get out on otoscope and those tweezers and slowly pull the first one out.
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>> my goodness? >> how do you let your baby have an earache for ten days? >> i've got an earache since the day you showed up. >> that is a maggot. your first guess was correct. they found 14 -- >> oh, my gosh. >> no! >> it went in there and had babies. >> that's not how it works. >> couple of >> they didn't say there was any damage, but they did have to perform surgery because the 14th was stuck between two bones. but he's going to be okay. there's just trying to figure out how they got in there. >> he's taking it like a champ. he's sitting there like it's nothing. >> well, he doesn't know what's in there. >> he can't see what we're seeing right now. >> do you think the doctor pulled it out and went, look, kid. he's probably like, cool!
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clean your ears, this is why. clean your ears. they're about to say their i do's, but -- >> you have the ring. >> see what the groom does next. >> he's going to do ?? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now,
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privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education,
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>> wow, look at it. it's charging. this is awesome. it's the big day. the stage is set. the best man is in place. the preacher is there. the bride and now it's time for a prank. >> no! >> if i could have the rings, please. [ laughter ] >> i love this. >> stuart and his bride, vicki, are standing there. he turns to his mate, and he's like, hey, robert, you don't have the rings? >> we have to get to the end of
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>> no! >> he runs out of the church. ?? >> right about now the mrs. is like i'm not sure if i love you. oh, here we go, okay. >> i want one of those. >> i love it. >> he's going to do anything to get those rings. >> come on! you got to stop for a quick pint. there's always time for a pint. ?? >> what is that? >> that was a brussels sprout by
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>> i couldn't make it out either. >> the british are weird. ?? >> no. >> finally makes his way into his house. and after all that, he hops in a taxi to get back. as he's running back in, the guests applaud him. [ applause ] thanks for hanging out with us today. has lots more fun stuff to watch, or you
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i will be on your side. i will fight for you. >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> donald trump, hillary clinton, and their top surrogates make the case to voters with just hours to go. we have live team coverage in new hampshire, a key battleground state. and the ugly side of politics. graffiti left on the side of a boston building calling for violence ahead of election day. >> his eyes were rolling in the back of his head.


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